Tainan Cybersecurity Park - Securing the Future

We met up with two Taiwan-based Cybersecurity companies with a presence in Singapore during our trip to the Tainan Cybersecurity Park

Tainan Cybersecurity Park - Securing the Future

Taiwan's push to become a smart nation is progressing well. With its expertise in ICT solutions, it wishes to propel its ambitions by creating smart city solutions for both the domestic and global markets.

Furthermore, being one of the key semiconductor manufacturers in the world, there are many opportunities for the country in the area of Industrial 4.0 transformation.

Tainan Cybersecurity Park

However, digital transformation is more than just about the applications of new technologies. With the understanding of the importance of data and information security, the Taiwanese government has taken a proactive approach by establishing Tainan Cybersecurity Park, a cutting-edge facility dedicated to cybersecurity research, innovation, development, and collaboration.

The Tech Revolutionist covers the key objectives and programs of the Tainan Cybersecurity Park, which shows how the facility serves as a hub for cybersecurity research, collaboration, innovation, and education. It plays a vital role in promoting the growth of the cybersecurity industry, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship, and raising cybersecurity awareness.

Company Showcase

We met up with two Taiwan-based Cybersecurity companies with a presence in Singapore during our trip to the Tainan Cybersecurity Park. These two companies are involved with programs at the Cybersecurity Park.

1. AuthenTrend

AuthenTrend is the world's leading brand of fingerprint FIDO security keys (ATKey), a certified member of Microsoft Information Security Alliance (MISA), also a recommended partner for Windows 10/11 and Azure AD Passwordless login.

In addition to the FIDO key, AuthenTrend also provides an on-demand Fido cloud (AT.AuthFi) solution that allows enterprises to convert their cloud into passwordless or multi-factor authentication to ensure account security; in addition, they are releasing a new Fido server for enterprises (AT.LogOn), which enables the use of AD in the company domain users Passwordless login IT system for both security and convenience.

2. Shield eXtreme Co., Ltd.

Shield eXtreme is comprised of cyber security professionals that have both long-standing experiences in the industry as well as deep involvement in global cyber security communities as well.

Aimed and focused on becoming the leading cyber security exercising range that is both practical and enriched by the latest in attack threat intel and patterns, Shield eXtreme’s view from both state and global levels of defensive protection and offensive prevention, its unique set of blue team tactics, as well as malicious activity prevention and research not only is high in standard but has protected the cyberspace for years within Taiwan.