Kingston showcases Enterprise Storage Solutions at COMPUTEX 2024

As AI persists as a key player in the development of various industries, Kingston memory and storage solutions continue to empower and accelerate the implementation of AI-driven technologies.

Kingston showcases Enterprise Storage Solutions at COMPUTEX 2024

Kingston Technology is a world leader in memory products and technology solutions. Their products ranges from consumers targeted memory products, such as SSDs, memory cards, DRAM and flash drives to enterprise focused products which are used in servers and workstations.

At COMPUTEX 2024, Kingston showcased their latest technologies in computer memory solutions. While most of the innovations and new products are consumer oriented, they do have a few enterprise products catered to the enterprise market.

Kingston Server Premier DDR5 RDIMM server memory are reliable memory solutions for today's data centres. As DDR5 memory modules, they can support the latest Intel and AMD server platform systems. Moreover, DDR5 memory performs much faster and more efficiently than previous generations.

Typically used in data centre use cases, data integrity is of utmost importance. These registered RAM modules are designed to work reliably, ensuring the integrity of servers around the clock.

Kingston's DC600M Enterprise SSD is also suited for server systems. With high efficiency and low latency, these SSDs are tailored for demanding workloads and storage in data centres. Typically, the demand for reliable storage solutions has been significantly increasing due to the prevalence of AI. The DC600M series was proven to be a suitable solution for AI servers.

Guardian IronKey

In locations where data security and protection is of high importance, typically in the enterprise level, Kingston has got portable storage solutions made for those use cases too. IronKey is a external storage solution which is robust and a seasoned driver that prioritizes security and protection.

As the hard defense that ensures data stays safe with reliability, IronKey’s hardware-encryption storage options are certified to the highest standards. Its various security settings enable users to stay in control, whether enterprise or small business, safeguarding data against all threats.

As data becomes the new currency in the world, the means of storing and using them has gradually become more sensitive. There needs to be a reliable and suitable solution for enterprises to manage their data within and away from their premises. Kingston Technology has a full suite of products catered for that, and their solutions shown at COMPUTEX 2024 reiterates their commitment in the proper management of data at both consumer and enterprise levels.