Putting People First: Kaohsiung's Human-Centric Smart City Journey

Kaohsiung's people-centric smart city initiatives, showcased at the 2024 exhibition, embody Charles Lin's vision for urban development.

Putting People First: Kaohsiung's Human-Centric Smart City Journey

In today's fast-paced world, cities are constantly evolving, and technology plays a big role in shaping their future. Charles Lin, the Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City, believes that amidst all the advancements, people should always come first. Recently, at the 2024 Kaohsiung Smart City Exhibition, this belief was on full display as the city showcased its efforts to make life better for its residents.

Kaohsiung's approach to building a "good" smart city focuses not just on fancy gadgets or making money, but on finding practical solutions that actually improve people's lives. They've realized that educating citizens about new technologies and government programs is just as important as implementing them.

At the exhibition, visitors got a glimpse of some exciting projects:

  1. Helping Farmers Thrive: Kaohsiung is using high-tech tools like sensors and data analysis to help farmers grow crops more efficiently. This isn't just about increasing profits—it's also about making sure everyone has enough food to eat.
  2. Making Communities Safer: The city is using smart cameras and computer programs to predict where crimes might happen. But it's not just about catching bad guys; it's also about building trust between police and the community, so everyone feels safer.
  3. Getting Kids to School: Kaohsiung has come up with a clever way to help students and sick people get to school or the hospital without breaking the bank. By turning taxis into mini-buses, they're making sure everyone can get where they need to go, no matter how far away they live.

These projects aren't just about showing off cool technology—they're about making life better for real people. Charles Lin's vision for Kaohsiung is one where technology serves humanity, not the other way around. As the city continues on its smart city journey, it's showing the world that putting people first is the key to building a brighter future for everyone.