Zoom reveals new AI-powered platform Zoom Workplace to make your work far more productive and seamless

Zoom reveals new AI-powered platform Zoom Workplace to make your work far more productive and seamless

We can't deny the power of AI and specifically generative AI that have affected how we work since last year so here's another company that you might not have thought about hopping onto the AI hype train - Zoom.

Enabled through the new Zoom Workplace platform, they are essentially pushing the "AI assistant" role through the new Zoom AI Companion that can help with mundane tasks like summarizing meetings and chats, coming up with ideas during brainstorming sessions, or creating generalized emails and drafts in seconds.

Further down the road, Zoom is promising more "fetch and process" capabilities by gathering info within the Zoom platform itself as well as other permitted 3rd party applications to save you even more time.

Let's go through some practical usage. For starters, you can ask the AI to prepare the meeting session while you work on pre-meeting briefings or perhaps some light chat with the attendees.

These pre-attached materials then can be shared, edited, and collaborated between attendees during the meeting as Zoom has also enabled cross access between cloud drives like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive - no more manual access permission adjustment needed.

After the meeting, the AI companion can also help you gather all the files into one place for a full review and is ready to help you do further processing like summarization and whatnot on your command.

The Zoom Meeting interface has also been revamped for a cleaner look and provides better intuitive access to various features in general.

Zoom also wants Workplace to be a central hub-like application for organizations to get the workforce together under a unified service so that's why they are including things like Team Chat, Contact Center, Meetings, and more inside the Workplace platform.

Doing so resulted in less need to install different programs for different purposes, leading to better and simplified workflow which will make everyone's life better.

In general, the Zoom Workplace is designed with AI in mind to help users streamline their work pace and content while giving everyone more flexibility in terms of how to engage internal and external communications in a more meaningful way.